DUI by L. M. Mercer


By: L. M. Mercer

She waits angrily for his return,
Glancing between the clock and the door.
As her foot taps rhythmically,
Unconsciously keeping time with the tick of the clock.
She has decided enough is enough,
She is tired of his excuses and the drinking.
As midnight approaches she curses his name,
Looking at his bags she stacked by the door.
The waiting continues until she falls asleep,
But hours later is awaked by footsteps outside.
She throws open the front door thinking itís him,
Her rants die unspoken when she sees two officers.
Can I help you? she asks, her rage swiftly cooling;
They tell her calmly her husband has died.
While driving home from work that evening,
He was sober and was killed by a drunk driver.

About the Author

Even though she has been writing for some time, L. M. Mercer has never had her work viewed by the public at large. She had mainly used writing as a release for her stressful existence (never intending for others to read her poems), but was badgered into submitting some pieces by friend and coworker, Kevin Magnus, who told her to 'Stop wasting your talent'. While never admitting to him that she is very grateful for his badgering, she will henceforth share with us her talent, both lyrical and oft times somber, now that she is our newest contributor to the "World of Myth".

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