The End: Story One - The Lead Up By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story One
The Lead Up
By: David K. Montoya

My knees were pressed up against the glass and there was no possible chance of stretching out. But the view was spectacular; I could look right down into the arena. We were about twenty feet up and I would be able to see everything from this position. I heard a soft voice call my name and turned to find that it was Renee. I sat there for a moment quite speechless--she was absolutely gorgeous.

She continued to talk to me, but honestly, I didn't even hear what she was saying. I was totally stunned by how attractive she actually was. Eventually, I gathered my composure and was able to close my mouth, as she took a seat next to me. Shortly thereafter, the lights in the room dimmed and a number of actors took the stage.

Come to find out, the ‘Event’ was a play based on how the Emperor founded Palace City. It was interesting, although a bit over done, as well as very melodramatic, but the acting wasn’t too bad. I could see the Emperor, who was directly across from me. He seemed to be more interested in the two women he had with him, but I’m sure he had seen this same show more times then he could count.

After the play, I was about to get up from my seat when a spotlight flashed on the Emperor. He stood from his chair and made this, ‘My Fellow Countrymen’ speech about tonight’s main event, then the lights moved back into the center of the arena. Now, all of the props from the play were gone and a man was dragging a struggling Unlucky out into the open arena. It was chained and shackled, but at that moment I jumped to my feet, as I recognized that this demon was the one we had seen along the roadside, earlier. I had thought that it was dead!

I turned toward Patrick and asked him if this was the Unlucky that had been thrown into the back of a truck today. He studied the creature for a moment and turned back to tell me, yes, indeed it was the same one from this afternoon.

I told him I thought it had been killed, that I had seen him shoot this one with my own eyes. He chuckled and told me that the rifles they had been using were not loaded with bullets, but tranquillizers. Patrick added that they regularly gathered up those monsters to use in the gladiator tournaments, but before I could ask what he was talking about, the spotlight turned back onto the Emperor. He once again stood from his chair to announce who the warrior would be to go up against this Unlucky. Then, I could not believe my eyes, as dressed in traditional gladiatorial body armor and helmet, with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, the warrior stepped into the light. Amid wild cheers and thunderous applause, the Emperor shouted out his name…


To be continued…

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