The End: Story One - The Lead Up By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story One
The Lead Up
By: David K. Montoya

Finally, he pulled back and handed me a black suit that was wrapped in a transparent layer of plastic. We moved away from the suits and went over to a HUGE assortment of shoes; there were hundreds of pairs and brands. I picked a pair of patent leather shoes which I thought would go well with the suit that had been given to me.


Once I arrived back in my room, I found Michael was waiting for me. He was already dressed in a black tuxedo and looked quite excited. My mind flashed back to when he was three years old and we were all at the Zoo. This was the same wide-eyed look he had right before we saw the elephants for the first time. I could always (for the most part) tell what was going on in Mike’s head, just by looking at his face.

As I came in, Michael immediately started telling me about the things that he had in his room. From the sound of things, he must of been given a suite. He went on to say that the girls had been placed in V.I.P. room just down the hall from the Emperor himself. That did not really surprise me, as I couldn't help but notice the way he had been looking at the girls downstairs: like a wolf stalking its prey. I asked if he had seen Rose and the others, since I had no contact with them since we were assigned our rooms.

Mike said that he had seen the girls earlier. When he was leaving the storage unit, they had been coming in, but he hadn’t seen Richard. I didn't know why, but that news worried me. I knew Rich could take care of himself, still, something just did not feel right. Michael went on to say that Renee had told him that she and the others would see us tonight.

Less than an hour later, Arch-Commander Patrick arrived at my room to escort Michael and myself to the coliseum. On the way there, the Arch-Commander explained that the coliseum was where they held all of their evening events. I asked him if they held some type of event every night? He replied that it was the same thing every night. First, they would hold some sort of play and then they would have the ‘Main’ event. I asked him what that was. All he told me was that I would find out for myself, soon enough.


The three of us made our way down to the coliseum and once inside, I was surprised to find that the format of the arena had not changed much since the last time I had been here for a boxing match, over twenty years ago. The only noticeable difference was that from the back stage entrance to the center of the stadium, where the festivities where held, was now all encased in a towering corridor of protective glass. We got to our seats which, to our surprise, were front row. Tina and Rose were already seated, but Rich and Renee were nowhere to be seen.

Rose explained that Renee was still in her room and would be on her way shortly. As for my brother, it seemed that no one had seen him since we got here. I thought about going out and looking for him, but Michael talked me out of it. I wondered to myself if he was possibly scavenging for another hit of 'LDM'. Finally, I took my seat and quickly noticed that there was not a lot of leg room.

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