The End: Story One - Bordertown By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story One
By: David K. Montoya

I asked him if he could tell what the men were doing. He held the binoculars back up to his eyes and paused for a second, then lowered them to his lap and shrugged his shoulders. We continued up the old freeway and once we could visually see the men, I had everyone arm themselves with a weapon. We were now close enough to see that the group of men (who were carrying automatic rifles) were tossing the bodies of dead Unluckys into the back of their trucks. It seemed as if they had been collecting the corpses for quite a while, as the bodies were piling up in the trucks.

Once we pulled up to the men, I rolled down my window and asked if we could pass. The men stepped away from their vehicle and surrounded ours. One of them walked over and asked where I was heading as he checked out the inside of our SUV. I explained what had been going on and that we were on our way to Haven.

When the word ‘Haven’ was spoken, the group of men began to laugh. The man (who I think was the leader of the bunch) stated that we were on a pointless journey because the city of ‘Haven’ did not exist. It was just a fable made up to give what was left of us false hope.

After a few more insulting giggles he headed back over to his truck, but the others stayed where they were. Moments later, I noticed another truck pulled up behind us (which blocked us in). Then the leader returned and offered safe passage to us if we wished to follow him back to Palace City. I asked him where that was located and he explained that it was the old casino that was done over as the palace of Julius Caesar. A few years back a group of settlers had renovated the complex and a city within the walls of the building. Now more than a hundred people resided there.

I talked it over with the others and we all agreed that perhaps it would be a good idea to take his invitation and we did. The man commandeered the SUV and we traveled east. No one said a word because well, quite frankly, none of us were sure if we were really prisoners or if we were guests.

To be Continued...

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