The End: Story One - Bordertown By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story One
By: David K. Montoya

Michael walked over to me and handed me another shot of whiskey. I told him that I needed to stay on my toes for everyone’s safety, but he would have none of it, telling me this would possibly be the last time he would ever have a chance to have a drink with his father. I laughed and tossed back one more drink with my son. After which I told him to go head back over with the others, that I was going to have a look around.

After a short time of exploring the casino, I wandered outside. It was the very back of the building, were everything was stored. I walked over to what looked like a huge storage tank that possibly would have been used to hold water. Curious, I turned a large valve and I was surprised to find that it was not water, but gasoline.

Shutting off the flow, I quickly ran back to the others. I explained that I had found gas and needed help finding something big enough to store it in. We all split up and searched the entire complex for a few good hours. Then Richard found an old barrel that might have been used for storing something like clearing chemicals, but I was sure that any contaminants would have evaporated by now.

We hauled the barrel back to where I found the fuel. Richard, Michael, and I used our thicker blades to remove the top of the barrel and rolled it over until it was underneath the enormous faucet. After transferring the gas into our drum which almost topped it off, we brought the SUV around back and loaded the gas into the back.

We all sat there for a moment in the shade of the huge container, resting from the strain of loading the drum into the SUV. I noticed the sun was in the middle of the sky, which meant that it was already noon and we were still 70 miles from Vegas.

We climbed back into the vehicle and made our way out of the casino’s parking lot, back on to the freeway. The atmosphere was different this time around; everyone’s spirit seemed up and we were talking and laughing with each other despite the scorching heat of Nevada’s desert. It could have been the drinks from earlier or it could be that for the first time, everyone had a small feeling of hope.


Traveling along the old ‘I’ Fifteen, Tina noticed something quite large in the middle of the road a few miles up. Michael reached in the back and pulled out a pair of binoculars. He held the device to his eyes for a moment without saying anything, as he studied what he was at looking through the lenses.

He put the binoculars back down on his lap and looked over at me in a rather perplexed way. I asked him what was the matter and what did he see out there? Michael did not reply to my question right away, but finally he said that he had seen a group of trucks in a circle and that men where standing on top of the vehicles.

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