Hello from Florida Mythketeers!

I am back in the land of fun, sun, and humidity! After spending so much time in a dry climate, it is taking a bit of time to get used to. But I will only be there for three days, and then I will begin the trek back to Canada. Where, much to my dismay, it is still at the end of winter, heading into spring weather. I want to stage a revolt about having to wear socks after I just got to the point of NOT having to wear them…but I hate cold feet. So, I will just grumble and complain.

This month has seen me very busy; even though I was supposed to be on vacation, I had obligations. I take my job very seriously, so I kept my word. I do love my job, so it wasn't much of a hardship. The one thing I did take a vacation from was the pressure. Just saying the words, knowing I didn't have to do all the things I do, somehow made it easier to do them. Weird, I know, but if you know me, weird is not so totally weird.

This month saw the release of Michael McGee's book The Angel of Darkness, with the cover art done by his sister Rebecca McGee. It was such an interesting and captivating story to read. Editing it was a pure pleasure for me.

You can pick up your copy here…https://www.mythmart.com/product-page/the-angel-of-darkness-by-michael-mcgee. Or on Amazon. But remember, if you want to support the author, Myth Mart gives them a larger chunk of the royalties.

I want to take a moment and congratulate Tim Law for his Member of the Month win. I have some serious feelings about this story, and I am glad to see that others felt the same. It was one worth reading and sharing. You can read it here.


Which brings me to some more exciting news about Tim, his children's book, The Neighbor, will be released next month on May 9th!! You can pre-order it on www.mythmart.com

Also, May 8th, our illustrious leader's birthday, will see the release of his long-awaited book Through the Eyes of Madness. Also available for pre-order at www.mythmart.com.

I have to say, both these books are vastly different, but they kept me sitting on the edge of my seat while editing. The children's book by Tim Law was fun and playful and very twisty in the plot; you never knew what to expect next! Through the Eyes of Madness, which was a series on The World of Myth Magazine, was one I enjoyed reading there. Having the pieces expanded, and new bits added made editing it a whole new experience in reading. It was like reading a new story. I loved both. I highly recommend both.

I want to remind everyone and inform those who haven't heard the news we will be taking a hiatus from the magazine until September. However, we will still be accepting submissions for our newly designed issue, and we will be offering a Kindle version as a replacement for free, but if you want a printed copy of the magazine, what will be offered for purchase! So keep those stories, poems, drabble, flash, and art coming!! I will definitely be sending out notifications as pieces come in, so you won't have to wait until September.

Time to wrap up this intro and let you enjoy this month's magazine. Thank you all for your support each and every month.

See you in September!


Stephanie J Bardy
Editor of packing, repacking, and all that is part of traveling.

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