Hello Mythketeers!

Happy New Year! Here we are! It's 2023 and we are starting it off with a bang! I am now the new CEO of The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company, LLC., and it is moving towards new things. All our brands, including the magazine, are moving along well. Dark Myth Publications just started a Book of the Month Club on Myth Mart and on the 4th of February, will see Dark Myth Publication's first ever free live online Meet the Author event, starring Walter G. Esselman.

Whew! What a few weeks it has been. I can barely catch my breath and we are heading into even more exciting things.

Our company, the main company, JayZoMon Dark Myth, is dedicated to focusing on our main brands. The magazine, which we all love, our podcasts, which entertain thousands each month, our online store, which supplies you with books, art, and really cool swag, and both our Dark Myth Publications and Dark Myth Comics., and of course, the ever popular, now gearing up for its 5th year, The Open Contract Challenge. All of those are going to see some really exciting things happen. I can't tell you them all yet, but trust me, it will be worth the wait.

On top of all that, Dark Myth Publications has a plethora of books coming out this year.

We just never stop. We can‘t stop, and we won't stop. Because we want to bring you quality entertainment.

Like our magazine this month. It is packed with some great stories, poetry and art. It was exciting to start a new year, as Editor in Chief still. I have been editing this magazine for a long time now and I feel like it's home. I want to congratulate Peggy Gerber for winning last months member of the month, you can check out her winning story here.

A Bloody Good Christmas Surprise by Peggy Gerber

Also, our featured article this month is Adele Evershed's story A Womb with a View.

I want to thank host of My Public Life As An American Nerd, Kevin Hoskinson for giving us a different perspective on Smile. When I reviewed it, I wasn't very kind, but his review has made me, and Moviegoer Grim possibly give it one more shot. Maybe. OK, maybe not, Grim so much…

Thank you Nolan Smith for our wonderful Comic Book Review! A first for us, we have never had a comic book review before.

Thank you as always to Michael A. Arnold for his wonderful book and art reviews every month, I truly look forward to them.

January is always a funny month to me. The rush of the holidays are over, there really isn't anything until February when some of us celebrate Valentine's Day. So its just kind of there. Nothing really special about it except it is the start of a new year. But once you get passed the first week, the novelty of writing the new year, of saying “that is so last year” wears off and it's just another month. Then I got to edit the stories in the magazine and realized that it may be just another month, but it's another month I get to read all the wonderful things our contributors offer you. Which is very exciting indeed.

We may have had a changing of the guard so to speak, but we will always bring you the best we can offer. So, stick around, get ready and join us in what is sure to be an incredible year!

Stephanie J. Bardy
Editor in Chief Executive Officer

The fun never stops at The World Of Myth!..