Review of Dead by Daylight - A Nightmare on Elm Street for the PS4
By: CW WInter

For me, when you say Halloween, I think horror, and when you think about horror, you have to think about A Nightmare on Elm Street. For some, Halloween is connected to a different character, but for me, it is all about our wise-cracking Springwood Slasher post becoming the charbroiled master of the dream realm. So, when I was approached to do a video game review, I immediately thought of the classic Nintendo game where you fight it live in all its 8-bit glory! But when I searched to get cover art for the review, I learned that there was a NEW game released in 2020! Whaaaat?!? So, I scrapped everything I had already written and found a digital copy for the Play Station 4 for only $3.99! SCORE! So I waited for what felt like forever to download it.

I realized that the game was actually Death by Daylight and not a Nightmare on Elm Street standalone version. Unfortunately, because it was Halloween season, it was released as a DLC (Downloadable Content), but on the bright side, it did offer Freddy Krueger as the main antagonist of the game, so not a loss there. So we got a survivor of Freddy, Quentin Smith, whom a map named and based on Springwood featuring a preschool and, of course, a horrifying basement. At first, I was a little unhappy because it felt like they were going down the crappy remake hole, but I gave it a chance.

But, I will say that Freddy, whom I grew up with, was into the act of killing as a way of holding power and not being a sexual pedophile, which is NOT acceptable! Even though I may have passed on playing the NES version because that would have at least been a save beat on having a cheerful Halloweenie review.

Once I learned it was not the Freddy I was used to, I admit that the entire thing immediately turned me off. Also, I will say that in the movies from the 1980s and 1990s, Freddy went after borderline adults, not babies, not children. Yes, I know that you may say that the creepy little blonde children were in the dream itself, but it was never actually ever explained, and thus leads me to believe it was just added for the creepy factor. I am sorry that I went off in this direction with the review. However, I was absolutely disgusted when they made Freddy a pedophile in the 2010 remake, and to celibate that version of the character is less than nauseating.

So with everything said, I cannot deliver a non-bias review as I eventually put down the controller and walked away. I was not interested as it seemed there was too much wandering around looking for victims, and honestly, less interested in promoting that version of the character; while I will say that the graphic looked great, it was not enough to make me invested.

If you have no problem playing the pedophile version of Freddy Krueger, this game may be for you, but it, unfortunately, was not for me. I give it an F-

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