No Treats Only Tricks
By: Timothy Law

Do you like pie?
I am wondering, why?
Orange colored mush, pastry too dry

But, when it's done right
It can be quite a delight
The perfect dessert for a Halloween night

The sweetest of sweet
An annual treat
Something that I think is quite hard to beat

But, this pie is bad
It makes me so sad
Swapping sugar with salt, just to trick your dad

I taught you so well
But, what's that smell?
Silent and deadly, I bet you can tell

Dad has tricks of his own
You let out a moan
Then you run to tell mom; I hear you both groan

Your revenge will be swift
I will feel a bit miffed
A spider jumps out as I open my gift

You cry out in alarm
As it runs up my arm
The spider is real and it has just done me harm

We jump in the car
The hospital not far
Hoping beyond hope that we catch spidey in a jar

The doctor is mad
You both look so sad
Fake spider prank is a winner for dad

You should know me by now
Someway, somehow
I am the King of all pranksters, I take a bow

As my well-earned prize
You promise no lies
As you offer me sweets from a box in disguise

I should have known
Now I give a groan
As I break my tooth on a chocolate-shaped stone

You yell out in glee
Yes, you've truly tricked me
You are now king, but for how long, we will see

Halloween is done
This year you've won
But I'm already planning my next night of fun

So long to plot
I've picked out a spot
Twelve months to find out if rock candy is all that you've got

Twelve months of flack
Of me patting your back
All the while plotting how I'll win that crown back


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