Gulliver's Wife
By: Lynn White

It is not commonly known that Gulliver had a wife
but she accompanied him on all his journeys
and Lilliput was her favorite place.
Swift never wrote about her.
Perhaps he found her just to daring,
even though she was careful
to be on her best behavior
and hide her painted nails
in public places.
When alone she didn’t care.

She wiggled them with joy
each time she took a bath.
Only the Lilliputian sea creatures
were invited to join her.
She loved to watch them
as they played in the water.
Which came first, she wondered,
the mermaid or the seal.

She tried to work it out.
They told her it didn’t matter,
was of no importance.
Having fun was what mattered,
wiggling and jiggling in the water,
size didn’t matter either.
She could only agree.


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