Cosmic Caper
By: Sultana Raza

None had advised him how to jump tree-tops,
Or to play hop-scotch 'tween fields and copse.

None had said he'd tumble through clouds,
Hide and seek bees through flowery crowds

None had talked about coral rainbow slides,
Or about racing through grand galactic tides.

None had warned against stupendous sound waves,
Or how they'd echo in marvelous meteor's caves.

None had thrilled about star-beamed tarpaulin,
Or how siren songs in pearls are pooled in.

None had given tickets to star-filled orchestras,
Or to meteor showers, with extravaganzas.

None had warned about roving nebulae,
Lost in exultation, could one be at their array.

None had marveled at the birth of galaxies,
Or the lilting tunes of swaying spangled seas.

None had disclosed by comets he'd be shot,
New exhilarations that he'd deftly caught.

None had exposed new colors, curly songs,
Or subtle cosmic scents of orbs in throngs.

None had whispered of how stars are born,
Or how their light by nymphs are worn.

None could delineate sky's vast cupolas,
Or write about wonder's incalculable formulas.

Such freedom of spirit, none could have guessed,
For new after life, was bubbling fresh zest.

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