Born under Draconis
By: Amrita Valan

Born under Draconis
The curse gyrates,
Obscene tectonic thrusts
Nine planets
In one natal aspect.

Jousting, they strive
For leadership,
In opposition to each other,
All aspects antagonistic
Sun below the horizon's
Too low to consolidate
Conflicting powers.

Creation of a monstrous
Slave master, never to fit in
The scourge of inferiors
The envy of superiors.

Compounded Karmic interest
Misery, humiliation, forever in
Fatal conflict resolution.

Becoming the sacrificial lamb
Scapegoat and scarecrow
Time after time
Till Time's extinction.

The old sins appeased
By being trampled,
Bridge below subaltern feet
A horror of being
Destiny's unwanted

She weeps to be crucified.
Even fairies abandon.
The charm ill fated
The natural gifts accursed.

Ten thousandth part
Of a demon's laughter
Birthed her,
Her nativity ill starred.

The alignment of her zodiac
So adverse,
Fells her in one swoop disbelief.
Inauspicious doom predestined.
Can it be? A fallacious tale?

On the sixth day of her infancy
Which malignant sister of fate
Moved her gnarly finger of mischance
Upon her blameless pate?

None in history acquit Cain
She, his demarcated bride.
The planets move above us
Broadcast our misery
Blind to our plight.

As we are blind, oblivious
To their potency
In the dazzling sunlight.

She is the wild lonely child
Of destiny
Born under Draconis
The serpent eating its tail
The monster swallowing itself whole
A warning, a cautionary tale.

The Watchers watch.

From heaven or hell?

Or both?
Or none?

The die is cast.
We watch as well.


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