Happy Halloween Mythketeers!

It is the season of the witch my darlings. The colder weather has crept in, the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest and little goblins and ghoulies are dreaming of bags of candy. Various celebrations are happening this month and if you follow the Celtic path, Happy New Year.

We have packed this issue with ghosts, ghouls, witches, and trick or treaters. Each tale is enhances the season and makes me want some hot chocolate and a scary movie!

Our featured article was chosen for that very reason. Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorite poets, and this poem screamed Poe-ish style. It gave me chills and was so fun to read out loud. It bright images of rainy falls days and ravens to mind.

Congratulations to Melissa Ridley Elmes for winning Member of the Month with part two of When the Elves are gone, please go and enjoy part three.

A lot has happened this month, the biggest being the cancellation of PCE, but do not fret, there are things in the works and they will be great!! Sometimes you need to step back to be able to see clearly. Which is what we have done. We are as strong and as solid as ever, we are just taking some time to rebuild some of our brands into a better working piece.

Tim is doing a wonderful job with The World of Myth Bits and I can't wait to see him tackle this issue! Which his daughter has a piece of art in, I might add.

Our children's art section is a place for kids to stretch their artistic legs. They are the next generation and we, at The World of Myth Magazine, want to encourage and support all young artists.

I want to remind everyone that UnWelcomed: Tales of Hauntings and Possessions will be out tomorrow, and our calendars will be on pre-sale beginning in November. I am so excited about both things!

I wish everyone a Happy Halloween and hope you all stay safe and enjoy your day!

Best regards
Stephanie J Bardy
Editor of all that crawls from the grave

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