Through Wolf-Like Eyes Pt. 8
By: David K. Montoya

"I do solemnly affirm that I am duly qualified, according to the constitution of this state, to exercise the duties of the office to which I have been elected and that I will, to the best of my ability, discharge the duties thereof, and preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of this state and of the United States.

As Mayor of this city, I will equally, fairly, and impartially, to the best of my ability and skill, exercise the trust reposed in me and will use my best endeavor to preserve the peace and carry into effect, according to law, the purposes for which I have been elected, So help me God."

"Congratulations, Mister Mayor," the official said and shook the new Mayor's hand.

With a huge smile, the newly elected Mayor nodded and said humbly, "Thank you."


To his surprise, he opened his office door for the first time and saw his Aunt Patti behind his desk while she scripted some notes on a letterhead. She looked up, smiled at her nephew, and said, "Here is a list of things you need to get done for our party…I need for you to start on them this week."

The Mayor looked at his aunt and responded softly, "But Aunt Patti, I just won. Can't I celebrate a little and then get to work."

"Christopher, our party, needs you to get things done," Aunt Patti said, her words intense and demanding. "You want to move to the Governor seat after one term of Mayor? You need to play ball and do exactly what I say. Understood?"

The Mayor nodded. "Yes, ma'am."

"Good," Aunt Patti said as she stood up from the desk. "I expect the foreign market to be allowed into the trade federation but the end of this week."


"Christopher, do you want to be rich beyond your wildest dreams," Aunt Patti shouted with frustration. "My dear, child, you can have fame, riches, party, sex… You can quite literally have it all if you do exactly what I tell you to fucking do!"

"I will have it done," the Mayor said softly.

Aunt Patti patted his cheek and said, in a somewhat condescending manner. "That's a good boy."

"What about the people, who elected me as Mayor," the Mayor inquired.

Aunt Patti stopped at the door, turned back to her nephew, and replied, "Christopher, our party put you here. Not the people. Fuck the people. We are in this for the money, nothing else…" She paused for a moment. "You know, if you play your cards right, you could end up as President someday."


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