The Rake's Standoff
By: Ken Gosse

Henny-Penny saw long, parallel lines in the ground, curving around things like the water trough, the ramp to each henhouse, and even an old tire that had been left near the corner for years. She ran around like a chicken with her head cut off and told Cocky-Locky that alien roosters had visited overnight and these were their footprints! She and Cocky-Locky told Ducky-Lucky that the aliens were likely to return the next night. They told Goosey-Loosey that the aliens would probably knock down their henhouses and snatch all their eggs when they returned. Then they saw Foxy-Loxy looking for an opening in the fence and told him that the aliens would eat any foxes they encountered. At last, they all saw the Great Turkey-Lurkey at the far end of the yard and started running toward him with even more amazing stories.

At that very moment, Billy-Bo-Bob Junior was tossing acorns into the pen to annoy the critters, as was his wont, and one of them hit Henny-Penny on the head. Instead of moaning and hollering "The Sky is Falling!" (like some watered-down folktales would have you believe), Henny-Penny dropped dead from fright. Everyone else forgot what the fuss was about, and most things returned to normal.

But the rooster still eyed the rake with great suspicion to the end of his days.


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