At this meeting was DM – David K. Montoya . SB – Stephanie J. Bardy . AR – Alan Russo . KA – Kevin Adams . WE – Walter G. Esselman

The JayZoMon DarkMyth Company, LLC. Board of Directors Meeting
August 21st , 2022


Chair opens Meeting - Dave opened the meeting

Chair read Mission Statement and welcomes new members, guests and asks Secretary to take roll call.

David – Present

Alan – Present

Walter – Present

Stephanie - Present

Kevin - Absent

Treasurer’s Report: To date. No report

Secretary’s Report – The minutes from the last meeting were posted.

Business arising from the minutes –

Leadership Report – Walter

Meeting went well, Jai is the new OCC Manager, Peggy has already started reading the two finalists, and has been impacted by one, she says it’s amazing. Covered release dates, calendars being printed, went through Alan’s report, Myth Mart has a new T-shirt for Lupa’s Bit’s 100th episode. Discussed the issues with Incandescence. Discussed author’s not jumping the gun and advertising before our marketing campaign can begin. Gary is working on a light tunnel for the 501st John is working on issue two of Liberty. John suggested two bands, but we were able to let him know that they had declined. Jayzomodcast is still looking for a new producer.

Dave jumps in and says he is going to have two people do it, a producer and a manager.

Dave asks how the Leadership board is meshing and Walter was unable to give a definitive answer as there hasn’t been enough time for everyone to work together.

Dave expands on the idea of what the Leadership Board is about and Walter breaks into song...a song about the internet.

Advisory Report – Alan

Alan says pretty much everyone on the Committee is confused. Justin didn’t show up to the first meeting so he had no idea what he was supposed to do.

Dave interrupts the report with the colored pages of Sorority Slaughers.

He gets back to the task at hand and asks Alan what he thinks the problem is, and what needs to be done.

Stephanie pipes in with her complaints on her Advisor Justin as he has been absent in the advisory capacity. Her opinion is that he sucks.

Justin is the weakest link and Steph says he has been voted off the island and his torch needs to be snuffed.

Walter takes the diplomatic approach and asks if we have reached out to him to find out why he isn’t stepping up, Dave says he has and received no response, and Walter changes pace and says cut him loose.

The vote is taken, and Justin is voted out.

Advertising – Stephanie

Not much going on, redoing a few campaigns, riders have switched horses and things have happened. She says she needs to revise her strategy to bring in new advertisers.

Dave suggests that each of us should reach out beyond the Board and get advertisers.

Steph says you can go to any local place and get advertising, because we are so widely listened to and read.

Old Business –

  1. New Policy regarding Payroll. (The Idris Yusuf policy) has been working wonderfully! He bugs Steph now and she has kept him in line with his payments and when he gets paid. We’ve hired an inker and a colorist. They also fall under the new policy, and it is working well.

  2. New OCC Director is shadowing Walter because they are almost at the end, when it is over, he is going to start switching over and putting everything in her lap. Dave wants everyone to set up their JayZoMon emails. Dave is trying to make each department as user friendly as possible. For example, making a list for Henry to go by to see what has been penciled, inked, and colored. Dave contacted Randy Lofgren, about who the killer was for Sorority Slaughters. Dave says he will plot, and Alan can put in the dialogue. Dave explains to Walter who Randy is, and how the whole cease and desist came into being.

  3. New Board Members needed, and Dave had invited two people to come and sit in, but no one showed. Dave is going to put in his report that we have tried to reach out to people but no one is interested. Dave is hesitant to being new people in anyway because we all know each other so well that we work well together.

  4. PCE 2022 and Scarefaire Texarkana - Scarefaire was cancelled, Alan is going to start early next year so they have more time to work on things. There were situations they ran into that they didn’t have enough time. Alan says that one of the issues was the venue. No one would respond to inquires. Dave wants to put out a vote to make PCE a two-day event. The Board votes. It is a unanimous yes. Dave says we will be getting Brian O’halleran and Marylyn Giglioti and Anthony Mackie.

Major feedback interrupted the meeting, and some was lost.

Dave comes back, with our idea of how to meet their guarantee before the


  1. Mythketeers Club – Steph and Gary have been talking and have been batting around the idea of doing a cardboard box with a wooden top with our logo burned into the wood. OR doing a whole balsa wood box. The suggestion is made that the offer of being able to stay after a Leadership meeting and continue the discussion, they can.

New Business –

  1. Keeping productions moving forward on American Smash. Henry is working on new issues, but his artist is a night shift worker and is holding things up.

  2. New Foreign shipping plan for Myth Mart is in the experimental stage. Dave figured out a way to ship to Canada without breaking the consumer and the company. Dave discusses getting a Canadian Prime account.

  3. Outsider Distribution Direction has been a disappointment. We need a team to reach out and we don’t have the man power or the money. Alan says every store he has contacted is either not interested or doesn’t contact him back. Dave motions to pull the plug on it for now. Suggesting that we need to focus on what we have now. The Board unanimously agrees.

  4. MythBits moving forward without Jenna, she is recording her last episode. She outgrew the podcast and got too busy with her day job to be able to put out quality podcasts. So it will be moving forward with us reaching out to Timothy Law, who is excited to give it a go. There are certain things that a host is not allowed to say on the podcast.

  5. New Financing plan is being worked on. All the final paperwork came in for the company. Dave can how start company credit. He is now going to use company credit to keep the train going and to do PCE. Dave doesn’t have the money to pay for anything.

  6. Randy Lofgren and Nu Wave Comix. Dave reached out to Randy, to show him the cover. Randy is his brother and he wanted to share his excitement with him. Randy was the original creator of Sorority Slaughters. He then ran down and got a lawyer, and presented us with a cease and desist order. Randy also created Nu Wave Comix. He then sold it for drug money. Dave thought he was buying the rights to the brand when he found the brother of the guy Randy had sold it too. Technically, under the law, Randy was allowed to sell the brand, but the kid wasn’t allowed to buy it. Randy owns Nu Wave, New Wave, copyrighted materials, Sorority Sluts, or Sorority Slaughters, Dream Catchers and Hardcore Harry. Idea’s are bounced around on how to deal with the Randy situation. Ranging from just giving all of the intellectual property related to Nu Wave to him, or bringing him in, wait him out, and have him sign a contract if he leaves that we have ownership from that point on. Also, that he gets money on the back end for the work he actually did. Not anything beyond that. It is decided that we will offer Randy the option of coming on board, in a position and hope for the best.

  7. New direction of the Magazine Reviews will be done as a mini podcast. The new reviews will now be a link on the review page. Grindhouse Sleaze deals with the technical side of movies, but this review will be “What The Hell Did I Just Watch?” It is going to be the opinion of the review. The honest opinion. It will be a magazine exclusive.

Next meeting: September 22, 2022