By: Kate MacDonald-Dunbar

The sun has set, and at her usual table sits Zorina,
surrounded by her vapid vampire-wannabe acolytes.
They don't know yet, but she will never turn them.
She has standards, she is particular whom she bites.

Through the stygian gloom. I see a silver flicker
as her eyes lock on to me. I go to her, that's my fate.
I'm half-fairy, my essence is her opiate, her weakness.
Zorina both despises and desires me. In my heart is hate.

She's threatened my family, holds a sword over my head.
Until I can destroy her, I must feed her what she craves.
When the degrading act ends, she smirks and bids me leave.
I wait in an alley to follow them. I have to find their graves.

As the Byte of vampires meander towards their certain demise,
I go over my plan. I feel a sharp stake would be far too kind.
I see them wrapped in silver chains, which will burn and bite
but won't kill, then I'll leave them in their coffins, time without end.


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