Inside Dark Towers
By: Amrita Valan

Crenelated brickwork
Never-ending spiral
Embezzling darkness
Vestigial sanity,
cold fear strokes

Brushing raven's wings
on pale ice temple,
She surveys a world
Denuded of raiment of grace

Upon Beelzebub's high tower
In Moloch's embrace
Isolated greedy, envious.

Alone! Ravaged solitaire
Diamantine despair
Alone! With her fear.
In her lonely abattoir
Where she slaughters
Gnaws the heart whole
Of human supplicants
Drawn to rescue
The malignant siren.

Her floating pupil
Dilated, day or night
revolves to seek prey.

Nowhere to hide
Nowhere in her sight
Her dry desert eyes burn
Blazing aphelion
The lava of a thousand million suns
Leering tongues,
Eyeballing the night.

Each a gruesome flower
Hideous Dilemmas
Dark lethal hosannas.
Locked in the virgin tower
Doors disappear.
All are allowed entrance,
Exit denied.

Mind like water trembling,
Sealed inside leviathan container
Standing turgid, upright.
She fumbles and stumbles
Somewhere in the recess of
A fast-dissolving mind…
Better that I were blind
And starved…
But her maws open wide
Won't allow the thought to complete.

The sea below caustic viscous
Corroding soporific reason,
Waves treacherous licking
Tower of doomed psyche,
Elongating spiking so high
Forsaking evergreen earth
The verdant give and take
Symbiosis of life.

Reaching for catabolic dance of
Baleful brazen stars
Bright myths, malicious
True lies.

Yes, she exists
Baleful rapacious
The locked Rapunzel
Of hundred score years
In her darkness and doom
In her crenelated tower.


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