Hello Mythketeers,

Summer has passed away and the first day of Fall slipped by me almost unnoticed. The change in weather, however, did not. It is cold, rainy, and definitely a reminder that the colder days than this, are coming. I am not a fan. As I have said a hundred times before. But here we are. The cold and dark that come with this time of year affect my mood. I’m not the cheery ray of sunshine you have all come to know and love. I turn into a hermit, grumbling almost incoherently from my window. Travel also becomes difficult, but this year it is harder than the past. I am feeling stranded and isolated and alone. Which I know is not accurate, but like I said, I turn into a grumbly hermit.

If you are reading this, the magazine has launched. I want to apologize for the lateness. Sometimes scheduling conflicts with what we do here. As some of you know, what we do is done strictly on a volunteer basis. From the magazine to the podcasts, we offer our time around our daily schedules, and they don’t always line up. Thank you for being patient and allowing us to find our footing again.

I would like to congratulate Kathy Sherban for winning the hat trick for Member of the Month. It’s fall, yes I used a hockey term. It fit. You can find her winning poem here.


We are gearing up for our annual Halloween issue, and would love to have some scary stories, poems, and artwork. So, send them on over to me at www.theworldofmyth.com. Make sure to read and follow the guidelines. Those are very important to the layout of the magazine.

I would like to talk about the guidelines for a moment. We ask that all italicized words be underlined. This is for me to be able to put the necessary symbols around them to tell David, who does the coding by hand, that they need to be italicized. We ask that it be in Times New Roman, 12-point font. That again is for coding. We also ask that they not be printed in the body of the email but in a separate document. That includes author bio’s. I can not just copy and paste as I take all the coding from the email with it. I have to type out the bio, or the piece of work into a document myself. Which is very time consuming.

When he receives a piece that I have edited for the magazine he strips all the original coding away. So, if you have not underlined your italics, and I have missed them, then they are returned to normal font, and they don’t get coded as italics. So, I ask, as humbly as possible, that you please follow our guidelines. Unfortunately, due to the large number of submissions we are now receiving every month, I have had to turn down many simply because the guidelines were not followed. Some really good pieces have not made it in the magazine for that very reason. I’m not being petty; I am being realistic. I simply do not have the time to edit each piece and do the work that should have been done upon submission. I am not trying to be mean, or demanding, I am simply asking that all our contributors, new and old, please adhere to our guidelines.

Ok, lecture over. I felt it needed to be said again.

I am sorry this month’s intro is a bit formal and not as entertaining as usual, but sometimes things need to be said and rules reiterated. I hope none of you take this personally.

Until next month,

Best Regards,

Stephanie J Bardy
Editor and Keeper of ALL the rules and regulations.

The fun never stops at The World Of Myth!..