Through Wolf-Like Eyes Pt. 7
By: David K. Montoya

Betty Stride sipped her whiskey while she watched the bartender flip multiple liquor bottles simultaneously, making guest drinks. Normally an introvert, the young woman took her co-worker Larry's advice and went out.

Betty had done her best to portray a professional manner at the station as a respectable Pathologist Assistant, but deep down, in the darkness of her being, she was someone else entirely.

With another sip from her glass, she watched a middle-aged blonde woman move her way.

"Hi there," the woman said in a cheerful tone. Betty looked up at the blonde and noticed her large breasts that protruded beyond her dress.

"Hello," Betty said awkwardly.

The blonde sat down and faced Betty, "Are you here by yourself?"

"Just me and my pistol in my purse," Betty said in a snarky manner. The woman's eyes grew with surprise at her reply. "Don't worry, I work for the police. I mean, I'm not a cop. I'm a Pathologist Assistant, but I work at the police station, and it lets me carry a gun."

The blonde raised an eyebrow. "I will cut to the chase, cutie. My husband and I are in a polyamorous relationship, interested?"

Betty slammed back the rest of her whiskey and then answered. "Very much."

The Woman turned and waved a man at the bar over. The man stood and walked around; as he approached smiled and said, "So, you gonna be my new friend?"


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