Prophecy Part 2
By: Christopher Bice

The time finally came
When I turned eighteen
Now that I'm a man
My childhood…wiped clean

Come young man
The Druid Shaman said
Pack up your clothes
And make your bed

Your training is complete
After so many years
You must complete your tasks
So bury deep your fears

The first night out
I caught sight of a sign
A star fell to earth
And then became mine

So I took that star rock
To the Lady of the Lake
Saying we'll forge this stone
I've something special to make

It took many days
To burn the ore from stone
But a witch and a Druid
Succeeded all alone

Then we smiled
At the beautiful sword we'd made
Then we cursed and blessed
That shiny sharp blade

It was time for me
To be back on the road
So I gave that blade
To the Lady to hold

I must travel now
To far off lands
To find the one
To fulfill my plans

I feel drawn to Anglaland
Where Romans and Celtics fight
The lands run red with Celtic blood
It's a pitiful sight

A Romano-Celtic will come
To fight the Anglo-Saxon horde
I must prepare this man
To wield my special sword

A mist surrounds my visions
It's hard to see
I know not how long
Before he finds me

This boy who comes forth
He that would be king
The legend of whom
All the bards will sing

Maybe a test I'll give
Burying the sword in stone
To be sure he's the one
To send the Saxons home.


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