A Ghoul Passed His Prime
By: John Grey

He could scoff down
three nuns and a monk
in an instant,
even eat half a soccer team,
and not put on a pound.

Anyone unfortunate enough
to wander into his lair
was devoured before you could say,
"Pass the salt."

And he could move
like a cheetah.
His hunting skills
would make Frank Buck proud.

For he loved fast food.
Somehow, folks were even tastier
when they tried to run.

But he's middle-aged now.
All those mailmen, priests
and door to door survey takers,
have finally added
some spread around the waist.
He's fat and slow,
gorges on rats, cats
and the occasional drunk.

And he's due for a heart transplant.
He can't wait to eat the old one.


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