At this meeting was DM – David K. Montoya . SB – Stephanie J. Bardy . AR – Alan Russo . KA – Kevin Adams . WE – Walter G. Esselman

The JayZoMon DarkMyth Company, LLC. Board of Directors Meeting
July 17th , 2022


Chair opens Meeting - Dave

Chair reads Mission Statement and welcomes new members, guests and asks Secretary to take roll call.

David – Present

Alan – Absent

Walter – Present

Stephanie - Present

Kevin - Present

Treasurer’s Report: To date.

Still working on a report.

Starting Total -

Money in – $100.00 (vendor fee for PCE)

Money Out -

Balance -

Secretary’s Report – The minutes from the last meeting were posted.

Business arising from the minutes –

Let it be noted that there were sound issues during the meeting so not all of the information was heard.

Dave gives update on PCE and Scarefaire Texarkana, we are full steam ahead and the venue has been moved to the Hilton Garden in both cities.

Leadership Report – Walter

Advisory Report – Alan

The advisory board was set, and each member was given a division and it was noted that Dark Myth Publications and Open Contract Challenge has not heard from their advisor Justin.

Rob and Nolan agreed to consult on Live Events as they both have experience in that area, and Veronica agreed to do Myth Mart.

(report to be attached)

Dark Myth Publications

  1. Editor in Chief Report – Stephanie – Just released Alien of Orchard Lake, just sent edits to Walter for Liberty’s Run 2, once the edits are back, they will go to Dave. Just put out submission call for Unwanted the Zombie Works Anthology. As of this meeting we have 4 submissions. There is going to be a new policy, regarding the situation with Mehreen Ahmed. It has been an absolute nightmare and it is obvious that she has not read her contract, she has been badgering both myself and David. She wanted us to do book reviews and nominate her for awards, she questioned the editing process. She wanted us to send it to a gentleman who puts the books in libraries. We had to repeatedly tell her that we do not provide that service, which she had a hard time understanding. She then wanted me to make sure it was available for extended international distribution. Kevin points out that both David and I need to talk to her and make her aware that we have done everything the contract obligates us too, but that we will drop her if her behaviour continues. He recommends selling her the rights back to her book. Walter points out that this is something that is going to come up, and that we need to make it clearer in the contract that we do some marketing, but that it is a small amount. Walter also points out that most people will expect the publishing house to help with the marketing, so we need to come up with a plan to help. He thinks, as a company, we need to do more regarding marketing. Kevin suggests we have an anti-badgering clause in the contract. Steph points out that we do a month of free advertising on all our platforms, including podcasts, websites and social media. Everything that we say we are going to do, regarding marketing, we do, but Mehreen is demanding more. Walter suggests that we give her a warning that the behaviour must stop. Steph did tell her to stop badgering David and bring all her concerns to her. Idea’s were discussed on how to deal with authors from here on, when they cross the line into badgering. Steph points out that we need not only the legal speak, but the same in layman’s terms. Clear and concise. It is agreed that we need to enact the things we have discussed. Kevin suggests that we add a digital signature that they have read it and understand it. It is also decided that once we take on an author, the marketing plan, the editing sheet and the contract MUST be digitally signed. David suggests that there should be some compensation when we have to drop an author.

Full details available in the audio. The Board takes a vote on putting a clause in the contract that says if you reach the point of harassment and we drop you, then you pay x amount of dollars for our work, or we hold the rights for up to 2 years for all royalties. The idea is fine tuned, and a non-disclosure is added.

  1. Publisher Report - David

Advertising – Stephanie – Advertising has stalled due to Covid. Social media posts will continue once the health improves. Discusses the new T-shirts and ideas to increase sales.

Old Business –

The update for Myth Mart, with Alan being on Advisory and Leadership created a conflict of interest, so Alan decided that being on the Advisory Board was more important. What we did was merged Gary’s position as GM of Myth Mart West, into one the GM of Myth Mart all together. We made Veronica the Southeast Manager, and she will take care of the inventory in Arkansas. Gary will take care of everything else; Gary is now part of the Leadership Board. As for expansion, Dave wants to make delivery faster. Walter would like to be brought into the loop when people are being added to the Leadership Board.

New Business –

  1. New Policy regarding Payroll. (The Idris Yusuf policy) – Dave reads the Policy #071722 it is approved.

  2. New OCC Director – Walter is working on a new director for the OCC.

  3. New Board Members needed – Because of California Law, we must have a diverse Board of Directors. Steph reached out to her friend Crystal.

  4. PCE 2022 and Scarefaire Texarkana – We covered it earlier, PCE is November 12th, Scarefaire is in October,

  5. Mythketeers Club – Steph describes what the Club will be, what the box will include and prices.

  6. Making sure definitions regarding brands are as such. – Her main issue is during the Leadership Meeting that at least once John referred to Nu Wave Comix as his company, and we need to be very careful to not refer to the divisions as companies so that there isn’t any confusion. We want to make it very clear to the public and the employee’s that it is David company.

Next meeting: August 21st, 2022