..Here it is, the wait is finally over! Welcome to The 'Tribute to Vaughn Bode' special edition! Plus all our regular sections are here as well! So, come check out what we have for you here..........In our 11th issue of......The World Of Myth!...

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  • Welcome To The World Of Myth

    Special Edition: Tribute to Vaughn Bode

    The year 2005 marks the 30 year anniversary of the death of an amazing and talented artist, Vaughn Bode. I realize that many of our readers were not even born 30 years ago and so missed the entire, brief career of this quirky, irreverent, 'out there' young artist...Click Here for Tribute to Vaughn Bode!

    Welcome to the big, special, 11th Issue of "The World of Myth". We are now starting the count down to our "Anniversary Issue!" It's hard to believe that almost an entire year has passed since David Montoya asked me to work on this project with him. I really want to thank D.M. for that opportunity, by the way. In point of fact, if it hadn't been for my being able to work on "The World of Myth" these past months, not to mention the support I have received from David and everyone else connected with this enterprise, I'm not really sure if I would even be here to help celebrate the upcoming anniversary issue with all of you. So, my most sincere thanks go out to everyone here at "The World of Myth"!

    Be that as it may, this month we have a really great issue for our readers. In case you missed it, we are honoring a late, great cartoonist and artist this month. Vaughn Bode died 30 years ago, but his vision and art live on, both through his many, many fans, as well as through his son, Mark, who was gracious enough to grant us an exclusive interview this month. Please be sure to stop by and read the Tribute to Vaughn Bode and check out the in depth interview with his son.

    In our regular sections, L. Craig Woods, L.M. Mercer and David Montoya all offer up new episodes in their short story serials. Kevin Magnus, L.M. Mercer and a new poetry contributor, Majikaa, have submitted poems for your enjoyment, while Caesar Castro and his brother Victor teamed up to bring us a heart wrenching poem, dedicated to their mother. Meanwhile, the 'Gurl of Myth' offers us a 'different', rather obscure bit of poetry, but she assures me that it is 'supposed' to read that way!

    In the Art Gallery, David Montoya and the 'Gurl of Myth' offer paintings for your enjoyment and you will also find a couple of pieces of art work donated by Mark Bode, done by his father, more than 30 years ago. Meanwhile, MOK, who was also a great fan of the late Vaughn Bode, has submitted a few of his own sketches, drawn after Bode's extensive legacy of work

    Our member of the month for June squeaked by with a narrow victory in just the last couple of days. Creep Creepersin held onto a big, early lead with his poem, carrying him clear into the last week of the contest, when fans of L.M. Mercer made a valiant, last minute voting run in her support. Another couple of days and L.M. might have pulled down the first ever, 'Three Months in a Row' member honors. But, there were only 30 days in June, so our returning contributor, L. Craig Woods, pulled off a surprise upset and collects his first Member of the Month. It was such a close run, however, I want to congratulate all of our contributors for their submissions. Thank you and keep them coming. And to our readers, don't forget to vote after you read a story, poem or view a piece of art work. That's the only way our contributors know if their work is being accepted by you and how you really feel about what you see here at "The World of Myth".

    Speaking of 'voicing your opinion', after due consideration, the Administration has decided to reinstate the Myth Forum, at least on a temporary basis. In order to keep the Forum up for everyone's enjoyment, please try and use a little restraint with your posts. We do want to hear your opinions and answer your questions and this is the best way for everyone to be privy to what our readers are thinking and wanting to know.

    Also in this issue, stop by the FYI section for an update on the release of my book, as well as some personal information I felt I needed to share with all of you at this time. At the bottom of this page, you may notice a link to a new, rather strange web site. That will be my book site and while it isn't quite open for business, yet, I want to thank David K. Montoya, once again, for being kind enough to include it, here. Hopefully, it will be up and operational within the month. Check back periodically and see what's new, over there, in the realm of 'Dreams and Darkness'.

    And, don't forget to check out the new Movie Trailers this month. They change on a regular basis, so what you see this week may be gone by the next. On a final note, speaking of movies, it seems Movie Goer Grim was out and about recently and managed to con some poor soul he meet in a movie line into doing the Review for him this month. That being the case, let's all welcome a new contributor to the fold, Balcony Betty, and see what she has to say about the Movies and perhaps why it is she prefers the 'balcony' over floor seating. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

    Okay, I guess that's it from me, at least for right now. I hope you all find something within these pages that will amuse, entertain or perhaps tickle your fancy, just a bit. And if you do, tell a friend--we are always looking for new readers and new contributors. Until next time, just one final word of encouragement--Enjoy!

    Terry D. Scheerer
    Editor in Chief

    See why the fun never stops at The World Of!..

    Story of the Month

    Sometime later that evening, Theobold was in his quarters making a list of priests that he needed to contact in the outlying provinces, when he heard shouts from the courtyard below his window. Shortly after that, he heard people running down the corridor... Click Here for L.Craig Woods' The Empire Chronicles-Irayan of Stanyshaul Part Two

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