The End: Story One - Day Two By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story One
Day Two
By: David K. Montoya

With undisguised contempt, I told him to take his bite and come on.


Once we got back to the SUV, I was surprised to find that everyone was awake and out of the vehicle. I asked what was going on and Renee explained that she got everyone out because she had smelled gas. After looking around the car, she discovered that there was indeed gas leaking somewhere underneath.

I got under the SUV and located the leak. It was in a hose that ran from the gas tank to the motor and a small sliver of wood had penetrated the rubber, allowing the fuel to escape. It could have been when we made our way through the wooden barricade as we broke into Airepseh, or it could have happened when we ran through the gate back at Richard’s place. Whenever happened, it was a good thing the piece of wood remained inside the hose or the leak would have been worse .

What worried me was just how much gasoline we had lost. There was a good sized puddle where it all collected on the ground. I was hoping the amount that was lost would not affect the outcome of our expedition. Especially as we make our way through Corpseland.

I left the splinter inside the hose, but broke off the piece that protruded outside and wrapped the hose with a thin piece of cloth. Then I cut the top and bottom off of an aluminum can (which are laying around all over the place) and wrapped the metal around the hose, finally tying it in place with an old shoestring.

So, once again we were ready to be on our way. The next stop should be a town right before we get to Corpseland, one of the biggest and most expensive ghost towns in the world. “Las Vegas”.

To be continued…

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