Flicker Of Truth
a 'True Seeress' poem
By: Sultana Raza

I walk the earth alone,
yet I see wisps of truth
free-floating in thin air
searching to be reunited
with their brothers,
their other selves
to be whole and complete once again.
Floating fragments of twisted bits of facts
shorn of their essence
waiting for truth
to breathe life in them once again.

And you, o wanderer,
as you step across my path,
what hope you, to take with you
to hold in the palm of your hand
a flicker of what once was
the mighty heart of the universe,
and what will once again be
the flame that lights all hearts once again anew,
dewy in its essence,
sweet in its shape,
gentle in its aspect,
and healing to the touch.
Will you guard it,
shield it from the vagaries of lies,
and keep it burning calmly bright
with your inner sense of that
what is right and just and true?

-The End-

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-Sultana Raza


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