Hey Mythketeers,

I am back in the land of Maple Syrup, Poutine and temperatures that are akin to Hell. Yes, California was hot, but it didn’t have the lovely, hair curling, breathing water, everything is sticky, humidity. I have to admit, I like the dry heat over the humidity. California broke me. I’ve always been one to never complain about the heat in Canada, because I hate the cold, but I may have to mutter under my breath about the humidity. I’m not upset that California broke me though. I did enjoy the drive there and the drive home but have come to the conclusion that all highways in both countries, are under construction. I ticked of several things on my musical, movie, and theme bucket list. Yes, I actually stood on a corner in Winslow Arizona and hung out in Lawrence Kansas for a while. If you don’t know the significance of those, at least in a pop culture, rock and roll kind of way, or in a way that means something to me, you haven’t been paying attention, or listening to my podcast. Shame on you! Just kidding. I will say, being a huge fan of Supernatural, it was such a thrill to go to Lawrence Kansas, and Liberal Kansas hit my Wizard of Oz buttons to no end. Kansas in general made me a very happy girl. On a side note, I gained a new travel buddy. He was rescued from a shelf in target. Cutest little Dino that we named Little Foot and he has been making the cross country trek with me.

So, now that I am back in the home office, things are going to pick up again for me in the social media aspect of my job. Brace yourself, the meme’s are coming!

I would like to congratulate Kathy Sherban for winning Member of the Month with her poem Who Is she. You can read it here.


I want to take a moment and welcome back Jenna Sparks with the magazine review. I can honestly say I have missed listening to her podcast.

Also, with me being back in the land of free health care and green tree’s, all the idea’s I had while driving and while in California, will now be implemented. What, you may ask, does she mean?

Well, we have a wonderful new membership club coming your way. The Mythketeers Club! All the fun, so many perks, and no goofy ears. Seriously though, we will be launching a monthly Mythketeers Club box that will contain a book of the month, a t-shirt, bookmark, stickers, access to all our podcasts WITHOUT commercials, a free eBook download, and a mystery gift, each and every month!! You can get one month or sign up for more! So, make sure you keep watch on our social media pages for ways to sign up and get your hands on one of these bad boys!

The OCC is gearing up to hit the final round of the competition so stay tuned to that Facebook page to see what is happening over there.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer, that you are getting the time to write, read, and just experience the wonder that is this life we are given.

Until next month
Stephanie J Bardy
Editor of Road Trips, and Maps and all the States she can drive

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