Through Wolf-Like Eyes Pt. 6
By: David K. Montoya

Detective Hugh Peatos chewed on his doughnut as he stared down at the photograph of a dead body. He hated paperwork, especially the kind that made him reflect on an event.

It was not because it caused emotional trauma of some sort. It was simply that Peatos did not care.

No one could pinpoint the moment or if there was, in fact, a moment. If a chance were given for him to be at home and play on his computer all day instead of working, even though he only worked the weekends as it was, he would jump at it.

The detective sipped up the last of his coffee and slammed the paper cup down on his desk. "How am I supposed to remember all of this crap?" Peatos grumbled.

"Peatos," a familiar voice called out to him.

Peatos grunted. He knew who that voice belonged to.

"Whatcha doing here on the weekend, Cap," Peatos asked without looking up from his desk.

"H.R. has been on my ass, dude," Captain Whick growled. "They want an administrative leave, Hugh."

"Hey Cap, I totally get it," Peatos said with a smile, still with his head down. "I accept my fate. Do I need to pack up my desk and go home?"

"Oh, no," Captain Whick said in a lighter tone.

"Huh," Peatos asked and looked up from his desk.

"I'm assigning you a partner, instead," Captain Whick explained. "This is Patrick Huntsman. He was first in his graduating class."

"You're putting a rookie to keep tabs on me," Peatos whined.

"I call it a leadership exercise," Captain Whick said and shrugged. "But it's whatever you want it to be, Peatos."

Huntsman walked over to them, Peatos grumbled again at the sight of the rookie.

"Hi, I'm Patrick," Huntsman said, then extended his hand toward Peatos. "I'm excited to be working with you."

Peatos picked up his paper cup and placed it in Huntsman's outstretched hand and said in a less than excited tone, "Good, start with getting me some more coffee."


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