By: Steven Bruce

Captain Clausen seized Hobbs by his yellow oil slickers, "Damn ye imbecile, there's nothin' out there but storm an' rough seawater."

"I swear it," Hobbs said, "may Poseidon strike me dead. A pale woman floatin' starboard."

"We scoured, lad, an' seen nothin'. It be yer sanity playin' tricks on ye."

Clausen handed Hobbs his crude wineskin, "Sip o' grog, landlubber, an' return t' dogwatch, lest I report ye for insubordination, d' y' hear me, lad?"

"Aye, sir," Hobbs said and obeyed the captain's orders.

Underwater, a siren gripped the boat's keel. Soon to rise and serenade the men from existence.


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