Online Dating Failed
By: Puneet Kumar

Sam's palms were sweaty as he gripped his phone with both anxiety and excitement. It was three months ago when he met Julia online. Just like love at first sight, he fell in love with her right after their first video call. And today, they are meeting up in person for the first time.

Julia invited him to her apartment. "What if she won't like me or find me ugly? What if I didn't live up to her expectations?" He tried to banish these thoughts as he rang the doorbell. The door swung open, and Julia greeted him with a warm hug. With that he finally relaxed.

They spend the night watching movies and eating pizza; cuddling and making out on the sofa. When he stood up to go home, Julia begged him to stay. So, he did. They went to bed together and made love. Sam slept soundly that night with Julia in his arms.

The next morning, he woke up to find Julia's side of the bed empty.

"Babe?" He called out. She didn't answer. She must be in the shower, he thought.

He padded out into the kitchen and notice Julia's computer on the table. A window for a popular news site was open on screen, but what got his attention was Julia's picture smiling back at him. He clicked the link underneath and a new page opened.

The lines "Julia Summer took her life…" and "hanged herself in the kitchen …" burned his mind as he read the article. He rushed out of the house with only his pants on.


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