At this meeting was DM – David K. Montoya . SB – Stephanie J. Bardy . AR – Alan Russo . KA – Kevin Adams . WE – Walter G. Esselman .

The JayZoMon DarkMyth Company, LLC. Board of Directors Meeting
June 18, 2022


Treasurer’s Report

Starting Total -

Money in -

Money Out -

Balance -

Balance hasn’t changed. Dave is working on quarterly taxes at the moment so a financial report will be available at the next meeting.

Secretary’s Report – Minutes were sketchy at the larger part of the meeting was not recorded and I had to do it from memory. I submit the minutes as is.

Business arising from the minutes –

There were no Leadership reports as of this meeting due to there not being a Leadership meeting to get reports from.

Leadership Reports – Walter reports on the following from Leadership meeting notes.

Myth Mart – Dave announces Gary Falls as new West Coast Manager

The World of Myth Magazine – Report will be given in Leadership Board

Dark Myth Comics – Dave mentions Henry is the new Editor in Chief

NuWave – Report will be given in Leadership Board

Live Events – Report will be given in Leadership Board

JayZoModcast – Report will be given in Leadership Board

OCC – Report will be given in Leadership Board

Outsider Distribution – Report will be given in Leadership Board

Dark Myth Publications

  1. Editor in Chief Report – Stephanie – we have just released Mehreen Ahmeds book Incandescence and are gearing up to release Jim Bates Ebook The Alien from Orchard Lake and congratulated Zoie Montoya on being the cover choice for said book.

  1. Publisher Report – David – We discussed Liberty’s Run and how we were able to get the pic of the same model for the second book as well. Several secondary titles were discussed but Tanks for the Memories seemed to be the favorite.

Advertising – Stephanie

Discussed how ads are working and encouraged the Board to at least share the ads when they see them. She also asked if anyone had any ideas for their Divisions to contact her and they could work together on creating an ad using those ideas. She asked that Myth Mart give her a week in advance as to what is going to be going on sale.

Old Business

There was no old business as there had been no meeting.

New Business –

We discussed keeping our brands as is and not adding anything new to accommodate our adult comics. Making sure we don’t spread ourselves to thin before we have even launched a comic.

Dave explains the reason why we have all the brands and why JayZoMon/Dark Myth is so vital and important as not only a name but as a main umbrella for the whole company.

Dave discusses Outsider Distribution. He talks about Henry, who is the new Editor in Chief for Dark Myth Comics and is also the owner of Comic Cult HD and can give us a better discount for distribution. Dave thinks we should lower the number of companies that we contact a month to get our comics into brick-and-mortar stores.

Next meeting: July 17th