Demon in the Midst
By: John Grey

Beat the gong of devilry.
Mephistopheles, the great ball-buster
from beyond the grave
has arrived, sensual and fleshy,
elbows on the bar –
---------bring me food and drink.

Through me,
your depravity surges and sings.
I'm a kind of electric current.
Feel free to zap naysayers in their tracks.

Pick the locks on the virgins' doors
No, don't even bother.
Break down those doors.

Remember – whoever degrades another,
---------ennobles me.
Your sin is my tithe.

Through me, the fools speak wise.
Through me, the slaves to conscience
---------are now its masters.
Through me, the prostitute is queen,
the deformed of mind
---------sits beside her on the throne.

While I indulge myself,
drinking and feeding my red face,
disease is the new currency,
despair replaces love
---------in what you inflict on others.

I am the thread that connects
---------the mud to the flame,
---------the body to the cruelty.
And, as the despised rise up,
the priests will be crushed
by rolling dung balls.

Indecent is now decent.
Vile is no longer reviled.
Lust is the new vernacular.
Worship is as buggery does


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