A Starry Night
The Final Poem By: Kevin Magnus

You get what you wanted,
A life that is haunted.

This the way really you saw life;
Continuously played like a fife.

Trapped in a dungeon, cold and wet,
Keep away from that unknown threat.

For your own safety is what was told,
After a while do you feel controlled?

And being hungry at night
Believe everything was right.

While he eats a king's meal,
Awaiting his next deal.

Unable to get new clothes,
Until when? Only God knows.

Unable to go places,
No available traces.

But yet, it is for your own good
He is only misunderstood.

Can you look with doomsday in all those faces,
You never mind all those classified cases.

But, this is after all what you wanted,
A continuous life that is haunted.

Yet, a sacrifice you were willing to make,
If I die, I pray the Lord my soul to take.


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