You are the Clouds
By: Ann Christine Tabaka

You were comfort / a cloud that buoyed me up
when I was down. A soft place to land as I fell.
Green grass that lay beneath me as days flew by.
A soothing melody of love - you never asked for more.
Time plays tricks upon our minds / it took you from me.
One small piece, then another - until you did not exist.
The brilliance of a million stars - could not fill your void.

Birds sang your requiem / carrying feathered tunes of
sadness. Blue was your shield against the storm. White
was your prayer. You held grace within your hands.
For how can one count the loss of a mother / the
sweetness of all life - now barren. Looking forward,
instead of back - I know you are here with me.
You stand before the sun. You open up the moon.
------You are the clouds.


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