By: Kate MacDonald-Dunbar

I walk into the night club and there you are, smoldering
Long, lean, dark and intense, biting your bottom lip thoughtfully
Making me long to bite it too, softly, and right at this moment.

I ask around, no one knows you, so, new blood, always good
I saunter passed, wrong move, I feel your body heat, it's divine
Your smell is almost feral, which only intensifies my torment.

I lean against the bar, flushed and feeling faint, then I hear
"May I buy you a drink, I'd like to get to know you." Turning,
I looked into eyes so deep and dark, I feel my heart fragment.

My mouth forms words, beyond my control, "No drinks, let's go,
your place or mine?" When you take my hand, your heat travels
through me, making me feel hot, as your smile gives your assent.

Hour's pass, tangled sheets enclose two bodies, sweetly aching,
Still holding tightly to each other, neither of us sure if we can let go
What if we fly apart, our separate lives taking over, our passion spent?

Will this be my first, and last, one night romance, or will it be more?
I can't look at you, frightened of what I'll see, are you impatient to leave,
will you stay? You smile and say, "We had to meet, you and I were meant."


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