Fairy Tales
By: David Painter

Let me see, we have the three little pigs
who lost everything twice over.
A berserk chicken crying that we are all going to die
by being crushed to death from falling pieces of sky.
And there's the cleaning lady in a white ballroom gown
minus one shoe, with a half crazed want to be king
chasing after her.
Oh there are so many more obscure and nameless yarns
that hide in the shadows of our memory. Where they live on
in their happy ever after land.
But here is what they don't tell us…
What they don't want us to know, is!
The hardship of those little nippers and their parents
the ones who go astray, getting in trouble on their own
or who are carried off by some large bird of prey.
or perhaps an evil witch tantalizing them with the
old poison apple trick.
And how about that sweet youngster with those golden braids
who used her magic wand on a whim
and turned a whole kingdom into wild pigs.
Which gave rise to a whole other fairy tale.
"This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home".
I understand the Fairy Godmother council is
still holding meetings over that one.
The list goes on and on,
But they have masterfully hidden all those unpleasantries from our view.
Be Thankful that we only remember the ones that
"Lived happy ever after."


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