Through Wolf-Like Eyes Pt. 4
By: David K. Montoya

Father O'Neil's footsteps echoed in the hallowed halls of the Saint Xenia Cathedral. The pounding at the front door almost echoed in sonorous capacity.

The old priest pulled back the heavy wooden door with a heavy sigh and found a middle-aged man before him, soaked in the pouring rain. But the Father knew exactly who he was as he said, "It has been a long time, Junior."

"I need your help; please help me before he comes back and kills again," the one only known as Junior pleaded.

"This is my fault," Father O'Neil admitted. "You were created from sin and not love. So, your sins be my burden."

Father O'Neil pushed the heavy door closed before Junior was able to react. The old man slid the lock into place and turned away. As his distance grew from the entryway, the pounding began again, but this time will mournful cries.

"Please! Please, help me, Father, Please!" Junior begged while he banged on the front door. "Before Jack returns and kills again! He's coming! Please!"

Father O'Neil paused and cried out toward the front of the Cathedral, "There is no Jack. It is all in your head… Now go away!"


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