When Tears Walk Away
By: Kevin Magnus

Here I am tired and broken,
Nothing left said unspoken.

I find myself waiting for my turn to die,
And wondering how much of life was a lie?

I cannot help but to wonder,
All the damage caused the plunder.

Will it be peaceful on the other side;
Equal to all those years, I sat and cried.

I looked in the mirror and saw someone I used to know,
But that person was lost forever all those years ago.

So would you tell me please, where did I go wrong;
Or was it all inevitable prolong?

I think I am ready to go,
To be lowered deep down below.

But is this really all my fault;
To refuse all the verbal assault.

Why did I even fucking bother,
Because I look up to the father?

Everything I have done did I give my life away;
With only pieces of silence, is the cost I pay?

No more left, fighting is done and time for me to die,
Please do not say anything; I know it is a lie.

Darkness is coming; I am fading fast,
All of this because nice guys finish last!


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