Spirit Walker
By: Christopher Bice

Holding hands we walk
To an old bench
In our favorite park
Overlooking the coulees
It's our special place

We sit and snuggle close
Warmth from the night air
I gaze into your eyes
Just as the sun dips
Down into the coulee

You smile back at me
There's a slight twinkle
From your clear blue eyes
Leaning over I kiss you
Just as two teenagers pass by

We hear them giggling
And we laugh with them
Fifty years of marriage
And we are still teenagers
You still excite me

I still crave your attention
Still need you in my bed
Come, I say
Let's go home
A hot coco is needed

I rise to a pain
Grabbing my chest
Falling to the ground
My last words just gurgles

Now my spirit walks
Forever chained to this park
To a favorite bench
Where I can sit beside you
Each night as you cry.


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