Welcome back Mythketeers! After a month off we are back in the saddle! I want to thank everyone who waited so patiently for this issue to come out. Even though we try our hardest, sometimes life can get in the way and things go pear-shaped. We appreciate your loyalty and dedication to our little magazine, and to everyone who sent messages of concern and support, it meant the world to me, and to Dave, who was going through a literal life changing event.

He moved.

Now he is set back up, all the pieces to his office have been located and it is business as usual.

Spring is springing all over and while I am now back in the cooler climes of Ontario, I am thrilled that I get to see Spring explode for a second time. The first was in Florida, where it kind of creeps up on you slowly. It is green there anyway so you notice Spring by the gradual appearance of the Hibiscus flowers on the bushes, and the tree’s that did lose their leaves become green again.

The beginning of Spring, when the tree’s have that neon green haze about them, the haze that you have to look just past the tree to see, that is my favorite part of Spring. Minus the cold weather of course.

Driving back from Florida to Ontario was like watching Spring unwind itself. Leafy tree’s turned into green haze which turned into naked branches. Now I get to see that green haze, those neon bright hues, happen all over again.

The Open Contract Challenge submissions is almost over so if you think you have a winner get your pitch in!

Ad space is now open again, and we are taking orders for the coming months. Our price list is on the site and on all our social media.

I want to take a moment and thank each and every one of our readers, our contributors, and those who support our magazine be it by sharing it or telling someone about it or buying a T-shirt to help offset the cost of maintaining the site. Every bit helps and it means so much to us that our little magazine has such a special place in so many people’s hearts.

Life happens, and I have learned recently that you just have to let it happen. Sometimes it’s a great time and everything falls into place, and other times, things fall apart, and no amount of duct tape and sticky tack will hold it together. At that point, you just have to let it fall apart and take what is left and start over. You come back stronger and better and healthier than you were. Here we are, back with more stories, more poetry and more artwork, and huge dreams.

Thank you for sticking it out with us, and taking this journey as we move into the future.

We will always be here, we will always be free, and we will always support each other.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and are enjoying Spring as much as you can. I hope it inspires you to create.

Until next month,
Stephanie J Bardy

The Editor of Endless Dreams

The fun never stops at The World Of Myth!..