Through Wolf-Like Eyes Pt. 2
By: David K. Montoya

"Stop! Police," Grayson Copeland shouted at a burglar a few yards ahead of him.

The two men raced down a busy sidewalk into a darkened alley. The Burglar hopped a chain-linked fence with ease and turned to watch with a snarky smile as the young detective came upon the webbed metal.

The Burglar's smile melted into a frown as Grayson launched himself onto the gate and scaled it as well.

"Ah shit," the Burglar exclaimed and turned away from the detective.

Once Grayson's feet hit the ground, his cell phone began to ring. He grumbled and checked the caller I.D. It was his wife, Lisa, and pushed the green button on the screen and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Gray! The baby is coming!" his wife announced; it was evident she was in active labor.

"I—" Grayson mumbled and watched the Burglar's distance grow between the two. "I'm on my way, love."


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