Jayla's Secret
By: Lynne Phillips

Jayla deactivated the humanoid cell, shedding human skin and revealing overlapping silver scales covering her body. She removed the blue contact lens, the only human feature the cell failed to replicate. Her reptilian slits adjusted to the light. No-one suspected the woman, working in the White House, wasn't just another blonde, dazzled by the president.

"You need access to the president," her superiors said. "He's a womaniser; your human form matches his preference."

During the day Jayla worked in the White House, earning promotion, bringing her closer to working with the President.

At night she shed her human persona, astro-travelled to dark forest areas to feast on live prey, the thrill of the kill, secondary to quelling her hunger, satisfying her lust for fresh meat.

"Not much longer," she hissed, her reptilian tongue flicking in and out.

Miosma, Jayla's home a planet in a galaxy well beyond the knowledge of humans, coveted the minerals on Earth. Having no interest in the inhabitants, they were willing to sacrifice life on Earth. Initially considering an invasion of Earth, The Council decided it would require too many resources. Jayla was their secret weapon.

It had been two years since her superiors sent her on the mission. The humanoid cell was effective and no-one suspected the pretty girl's secret.

"We believe a world war would render the planet ours for the taking," the leader of The Council said. "The president controls the launch of nuclear weapons. China and North Korea will be quick to respond, others will follow. "Unfortunately, Jayla, it will be a suicide mission." he apologised. Jayla nodded, willing to make the sacrifice for her planet, with Earth's mineral wealth, Miosma would once again rule their galaxy.


Jayla caressed the President's head. He didn't feel her press the rice-sized microchip, which would control his thoughts, into the base of his skull. The Council immediately activated it and the president's eyes glazed.

"I will rule the world," he murmured as he pushed Jayla aside and headed towards the control room grabbing his coded 'Biscuit' enabling him access.

A startled group met the president's entrance.

"Start a pre-emptive strike on China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea," he ordered. "They are about to release missiles on us."

"Mr. President, there is no evidence of that." they protested. "You will start a nuclear war."

The president pushed them aside instigating the strike. Within fifteen minutes, nuclear bombs hit the four targeted countries. Retaliation was swift, all four countries raining their missiles on America, other countries followed.

Cities were reduced to rubble by nuclear blasts, firestorms erupting starting fires, and the air filled with toxic fumes, smothering the planet. Modern technology failed due to electronic pulses, and people succumbed to radiation sickness as a nuclear winter began.

The Council was patient. It would be five years before Earth was reduced to just its mineral worth, and they could claim their prize.

Mission complete, Jayla travelled to the Amazon, to hunt for food until it too succumbed.


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