At this meeting was DM – David K. Montoya . SB – Stephanie J. Bardy . AR – Alan Russo . KA – Kevin Adams . KH – Kristofor Harris . WE – Walter G. Esselman . JK – John Kotsis . RI – Rebecca Ilich . SD – Sarah Douthat

The Jayzomon/DarkMyth Company, LLC. Board of Directors Meeting
January 9, 2022


Chair opens Meeting - Dave

Chair reads Mission Statement and welcomes new members, guests and asks Secretary to take roll call.

David – Present

Alan – Present

Kris – Present

Walter – Present

John – Absent

Sarah – Absent

Rebecca – Called in

Stephanie - Present

Kevin - Present

Treasurer’s Report: To date.

Starting Total - $ 1528.95

Money in –

Money Out –

Balance - $1528.95

Secretary’s Report – The minutes from the last meeting were posted. Changes were presented and accepted.

Business arising from the minutes – None.

Department Reports

Myth Mart – Alan – Has made a considerable profit, the new anthology has sold 13 to date. Just waiting on the books to print to send out the three waiting.

Advertising – Stephanie – Revising the advertising application. Going to redo price list and do a generalized form with new pricing schedule. Dave adds that we had a considerable jump in the Podcast network, and we had over 4000 new downloads on our podcasts, and now that we have the numbers we can proceed forward. We can now add payments for monthly, yearly, or per download.

Circulation Department/Social Media - Stephanie

Magazine – Stephanie - Deadlines are now being held strict because the magazine is rolling along great. There is no slow down in sight. Magazine is doing great, and we have consistent new contributors.

Dark Myth Publications

  1. Editor in Chief Report – Stephanie – In process of editing upcoming books, the first one being Michael Arnolds. Contacted Kelly DuTuro, artwork is finally done, Michael McGee, Pavla, Jim’s, Peggy’s. Publishing is doing well. Dave mentions contracts and asks if everyone had signed them. Steph mentions that we had offered someone a contract and they put us on hold because he was entertaining other offers as well. Eventually we decided that he wasn’t a good fit for our company. Mehreed Ahmed has now replaced Johnny Wolf.

  1. Publisher Report – David – We have a lot of work to do this year, on the publishing side, we did really well despite Scarefaire. In 2020 we sold 85 books, in 2021 we sold 147. We have sold comics and posters. We had a very good year.

Dark Myth Comics – Kris – Started talking to some people about the pitch and has found 4 so far. He wants to get around 10 then he will start coming up with the script to make it as simple as possible for them to create it. Entertaining ideas from writer/artists. Nothing to crazy.

PCE/Scarefaire – Rebecca – She has an idea who our lineup is going to be, utilizing Sarah’s people. She will be making up a digital flyer to give to that one lady who will circulate it for us and she will post them for us.

JayZoModcast – David – Dave reached out to a gentleman who declined the job, we are working on an idea of a new definition of producer. Each podcaster should do their own editing and add the network bumpers. Someone has reached out and Dave will talk to them.

OCC – Walter – Wants to sit down with Dave to make sure we have all the rules and regulations in place for March. Also do some “Coming Soon” ads.

Walter also wants to check on what we are doing for Peggy Gerber and the February Con. Dave does mention that Covid has gotten worse so we are going to wait and see how it plays out.

JPWI was voted to become part of Live Events. Looking at them doing an event for PCE but again we are watching the rise of Covid before making any decisions.

Old Business –

  1. Policies were read and voted on. The following changes were suggested.

a)012506B will be removed.

b) All Dark Myth Production Studios bylaw and policies pertaining to said company to be removed as the company is no longer active.

c)All Policies that have Dark Myth Production Studios reference need to be changed to Jayzomon/Dark Myth unless referring to the Studios directly and then it shall be removed.

d) It was decided that all policies relating to comics would be gone over with Kris and Dave and updated.

e) NuWave Comics needs to be removed from policies.

f)0313108 regarding payroll Kris and Dave will sit down and rewrite it.

g)040406 is fine

h)041121 was fine

i) 042008 General Manager was changed to Chief Financial Officer. All reporting is done to CFO, and we had decided that all billing will be done by one central program.

j)050309 will be removed as it refers to 2009 restructuring

k) All 2021 policies were fine

New Business –

Next meeting: February 20, 2022