Something Better
Teaser #5 - The Hideout
By: Jim Bates

Karen led Quinn over to the far side of the room and said, "We're all in trouble."

Quinn felt the bottom drop out of his stomach. "Why, what's up?"

"You know that WOSP guy? The guy who stopped me?"

"Yeah. I overheard everything. You did great."

"Well, you didn't overhear it all. Before he let me go, he got kind of weird. He looked around all mysterious and I knew right away something was up. Then he asked me if I'd seen someone. I asked, 'Who?' He opened one of the cases on his belt and took out a wanted poster. He showed it to me. 'This guy.' I almost fainted."

Quinn felt beads of sweat break out on his brow. This wasn't going to be good news. "Who was it?" he asked, knowing her really didn't have to. He knew the answer.

Karen took a deep breath and let it out. "Quinn, it was a picture of you. A recent one they got a hold of somehow. And he had one of Matt, too." She looked her husband in the eye. "We've got trouble, buddy. Big trouble. They're looking for us."

Out of all the thoughts just went shooting through Quinn's brain, one had stood out. And it wasn't a thought so much as a statement. Karen has said, 'Us.'

"Us?" He asked. What do you mean by that? They should just be looking for me and Matt. Not you."

"Yeah, well, not anymore."

"What do mean?"

"Karen took a step forward and hugged her husband. "Here's the deal. We've been married six years. We have a five-year-old son. We're a family and families stay together. Right?" She paused and leaned back and looked him in the eyes. "I made a decision on the way over here. I'm going to be stay with you."

"What?" Quinn was incredulous.

"Yeah, that's what families do. They stick together and I'm staying with you."

Quinn was almost speechless but not quite, "What about the WOSP?"

"Too bad about them. Me and you are smart. We'll figure out a way."

Just then Matt came over and asked, "Mom do you want something to eat?"

Karen hugged her son. "Sure." She looked over his head at Quinn who was looking pensive. "Don't worry. I'm working on a plan. We'll figure it out." Then she took her husband and son in each of her hands and said, "Let's all get something to eat. We'll do something like they used to do in the old days. It was called a picnic." She winked at Quinn and then looked at Matt and said, "It'll be fun."

"Oh, goody," he said, as the three of them sat down together.

Quinn decided to put his worries aside. They'd talk later. For now, they were going to be a family, and they were going to have a picnic.

So, they did, they had a picnic and none of could remember ever having had such a wonderful time.


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