More than One
By: Gabriella Balcom

"Look!" Burton pointed. "By those tall clumps of grass over there? They're not even hiding. We're sure to have more than one for Thanksgiving."

"Shut up!" Curtis hissed. "I told you don't make a sound." Within seconds, though, he glared at his friend. "Now they're gone. All because you couldn't keep your stupid trap shut. Why don't you ever listen? I swear, I'm never taking you hunting again."

"Hey, I see another."

"It's little bitty. We only bag full-grown ones."

But Burton ignored him, and ran after the small, wild turkey anyway. The other man yelled for him to stop and come back, but he kept giving chase. Seeing the bird vanish into the forest several yards away, he followed.

"Where'd it go?" he muttered under his breath. He heard a faint rustling from nearby, though, spotted his prey, and took off again.

A few minutes later, the turkey stopped. It turned to look at him, gobbling softly, and he raised his rifle.

Crackling sounded from behind Burton, and he turned, grinning. The largest turkey he'd ever seen stood only feet away, and he wondered how it would look stuffed and mounted. But he gaped when it began expanding, growing larger and larger, well beyond anything normal.

It towered over the man, and he trembled violently.

A deep, growling cough emanated from the creature, followed by what sounded like a chuckle, and another even larger one emerged from the woods to his right.

Burton threw down his weapon and ran but stopped when he realized dozens more of the huge birds surrounded him. One dashed toward him, grabbed his arm in its beak, and threw him through the air to crash against a tree.

He wobbled when he stood, barely able to stay upright. But he screamed when the turkeys closed in.

Later, Curtis found Burton lying motionless on the ground, blood seeping from numerous wounds. Bird tracks surrounded his body.

The End


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