Djinn Harvest Meal
By: Jim Bates

Along about the end of November,
Is a special time for the Djinn,
It's a chance to celebrate their Harvest,
With family and next of kin.
They all sit around the table,
Full of laughter and plump with mirth,
And eat copious amounts of vegetables,
Dug reverently from Mother Earth.
Summer squash is mightily abounding,
Rutabagas are cooked into heavenly hash,
A salad is made fresh from onions and fennel,
And there are mountains of sweet potatoes to mash.
All the beets are red and pickled,
The radishes and turnips too,
And the parsnips and carrots are chopped up together,
Making them that much easier to chew.
There's ginger tea to warm one's cockles,
And refreshing homemade beer,
They eat until their stomachs are stuffed,
It's a boisterous atmosphere.
But all good things must come to an end,
So it does for these happy Djinn,
Soon it's time to say good-bye,
'Til next year when they'll do it all again.
Later on, after the guests have departed,
While laying snug in their beds awaiting sleep,
The Djinn family are warm beneath their blankets,
Counting carrot cookies instead of bounding sheep.
With the memories of being together,
Filling their hearts with joy and cheer,
The Djinn smile happily as they drift off to sleep,
Already dreaming of their Harvest meal next year.


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