Hello from the sunny climes of California! I hope all my American Mythketeers are ready for turkey and all the trimmings. All of us here at the magazine wish you and yours a Blessed Thanksgiving.

Things have been a bit unsettled since ScareFaire, but we have cleaned house, regrouped, and are prepping for our third annual PCE in February. We couldn't be more excited about it and our list of celebrity's is shaping up nicely so stay tuned!!

As a Canadian, far from home, I can honestly say, while I miss those I hold near and dear, I don't miss the snow that is falling in large amounts. I have said it before and will say it again, I am a sun worshiper and always will be. I don't do cold, unless I have to, and even then, you have to force me. White is NOT my favorite color.

I have a few announcements this time around, which you will hear again in my podcast on Friday. First off, Congratulations to me! I won Member of the Month again with my story Penance. You have no idea how happy I am that you all like it.

Second, a huge congratulations to Peggy Gerber!!! Our Open Contract Challenge 2021 winner! Her poetry book Welcome to Crazytown won her top honors. It is filled with beautiful poetry tackling the tough subject of mental health. We would also like to congratulate our second-place winner James Bates and our third-place winner Jeff R. Young. Can't wait to meet Peggy in February!! California is lovely that time of year!

Congratulations to Ryan Scherfenberg for being our cover this month.

Congratulations to David K Montoya for being Featured Article with his Drabble titled High-Capacity Assault Unicorn. It made me laugh every time I read it!

The World of Myth Calendar's will be available in the coming weeks, so if you had artwork in the magazine, you might want to check and see if you are in the calendar! Those who are will be notified once the calendar's are ready. This year we have filled it with all the important dates, like when magazine deadline is, when it goes live, when PCE and ScareFaire are. You know, the important stuff!

We are also releasing The World of Myth Anthology 4 in December, so if you have won member of the month in the last 3 years, you will be in it!!

As you can see, we have added a new category to our lineup, Children's, so if you have a kids story you would like to put out there, hit me up! We are also accepting more kids art for our Children's art gallery.

Christmas is fast approaching and for us here at the magazine it is a time to dust off all of those old favorite stories and give them a new twist. For our December issue, which will be coming out Christmas Eve, we are putting out an open call for all your wild, wonderful and slightly twisted Christmas tales and artwork! We will still accept the usual fare but if you have a Christmas or Yule tale, send it on over.

We have updated our Instagram page so if you are looking for information on next years ScareFaire, or pictures from this years, head over to Instagram and follow @ScareFaire.

Have a great Thanksgiving, for those in Canada, well…stay warm.

Until next month!

Stephanie J. Bardy
Editor of sun and subterfuge

The fun never stops at The World Of Myth!..