Under this beautiful Moon in a dark pane
By: John Chinaka Onyeche

Last night I became one with the stars,
Trying to give my light to wandering souls;
Of those who died in the streets of life,
Never knowing what life was like on earth;
They became wandering souls cut off the earth.

I was in the constellation of the heavens,
Showing them my light from the heaven panes,
As they journey through the lanes in hopes;
"If this lands of our wandering are not fairer",
We shall become like echoes of many waters;
As we have onetime thought that life is worth it.

When we have burden our little existence with grief,
And made our bed with thousands of memories;
With which each day and night hunts for our peace,
Fears to live without a name muffled us into pains;
As names of wandering souls are not mentioned,
But each one of them is clothed with colors of dirge.


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