The Numbness that Haunts Inside
By: Kevin Magnus

Here I am to do what I am tasked to do,
To bring all those new words for the mass askew.

But there is nothing as I am numb,
Emotions stolen from the World's scum.

I wonder how many times did it take,
To devour me like a mouse to a snake,

Life of being disrespected, belittled and overall unwanted,
I'm only left with invalidation and memories of the haunted.

So, when the emotions close down,
Like one of those God damned sad clown.

And, there is only a deep, dull numbness inside,
Created from all of those who utterly lied.

All my life I have been seen as less,
Pain reached around the transverse process.

With that, today it is hard to do my job,
Creating words that will make you want to sob.

So it's okay to walk away from,
Today, like most, I am simply numb.


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