A Hotel California Night
Part Three
By: Linda M. Sauve


Some viewers may find the following content highly disturbing and controversial.

Forty minutes later, Anastasia emerged from the bathroom amid a cloud of steam, a towel draped around her shoulders and a comb in her hand. She moved to sit on the bed and was just pulling the comb through her damp hair when a loud noise came from the hall outside her room. Ana dropped the comb on the bed and went to the door, where she listened closely, trying to determine what was going on in the hallway and courtyard outside her room.

She stood beside the door; she pressed her ear to the wood but then jumped back when she heard what sounded like savage animals violently fighting right on the other side of the door. Frightened by the vicious sounds, Ana looked around quickly, searching for something to prop against the door. Thankful now that her door was securely locked, she remembered seeing a small chair in front of the vanity and rushed into the closet to grab it. She was just returning to the bedroom when the door shook within its frame as if something were ramming against it, and then the handle turned slightly, stopping when it reached the locking mechanism. Ana quickly wedged the chair beneath the doorknob and took a few steps backward, feeling a little more protected. The doorknob stopped turning, and eventually, the noises seemed to fade away.

Shaken and still frightened, she climbed into the bed and pulled the satin covers up to her chin, then lay there staring at the door, waiting for the knob to turn again. Sometime later, exhaustion overpowered fear, and Ana began drifting off to sleep. Just as her lids were slowly lowering, Gabriel's accented voice echoed through her mind, "You have nothing to fear in my home, Anastasia. You are my guest, and no harm will come to you while you sleep."


Anastasia awoke when she felt the mattress give next to her. Opening her eyes, she gasped when she saw Giovanna and Angelica climbing into the bed on either side of her. Anastasia tried to push the covers back and get out of bed but was unable to move more than an inch. When she started to open her mouth to protest this intrusion, Angelica laid a single finger against her lips and leaned forward, and whispered, "Relax, Anastasia, we're not really here. This is all a dream. Allow yourself to feel."

Slowly Giovanna skimmed her hand down Ana's body, following the peaks and valleys of her upper torso, then down over the flat plane of her abdomen. Caressing her waistline, she followed the swell of her hip to the spot between her legs and the ebony curls there. Ana shivered as Giovanna spread her tanned thighs apart, then smiled when she found her warm and wet when she slid her fingers inside.

Giovanna slowly thrust her fingers in and out of Anastasia's sex as her thumb found the swollen nub of Ana's clitoris. When she touched her, Anastasia stiffened, and her back arched off the bed for a moment, then she moaned and rotated her hips against the other woman's seeking hand. Slowly her thumb circled over and around Ana's clitoris as her fingers continued their rhythmic thrusts at an increasing rate of speed.

Not wanting to be left out, Angelica eased herself down and leaned over Anastasia, then trailed her mouth over the girl's trembling body, placing kisses against her blushing skin. Angelica's teeth nipped at tender flesh as her mouth continued its journey over Ana's body, taking first one breast then the other into its moist cavity. She circled her tongue around Ana's hardened nipple in a pattern that matched the movements of Giovanna's thumb, eliciting a strangled moan.

When Anastasia tried to move her arms, she found she was able to lift them, and she tangled her fingers into Angelica's hair, clutching her head to her breast. Angelica smiled against Anastasia's flesh and lightly bit the pointed mound. Ana moaned and arched her back, thrusting her breast further into the blonde woman's mouth. Giovanna's thumb increased its pressure against her clitoris, causing Anastasia to moan again, and she began to frantically rock her hips against Giovanna's hand, her body searching for release.

Anastasia's excitement was reaching a frenzied pitch, and Giovanna could tell she was moments away from her climax. The dark-haired woman removed her hand from between Anastasia's legs, and when she gasped in surprise, Giovanna slid down in the bed and positioned herself between Anastasia's legs, her face just inches away from the ebony tangle of Ana's pubis. Knowing what Giovanna's intentions were, Anastasia spread her legs and panted in anticipation. She untangled one hand from Angelica's blonde locks and reached down to wrap Giovanna's hair around her hand, and then she tried to push Giovanna's face against her moist triangle. Not ready to let the pleasure end just yet, Giovanna held back, her mouth mere inches from Ana's glistening pink lips. She softly exhaled warm breath against the flushed skin, and Anastasia's body quivered.

All the while Giovanna was repositioning herself; Angelica had continued nibbling on Anastasia's nipple and massaging her breasts, causing Ana to thrash her head back and forth on the pillow. She winced in pain for a brief second and flinched after a particularly hard bite, but the momentary discomfort turned into a drawn-out sigh of pleasure. Arching herself off the bed, Ana forced her breast further into Angelica's mouth. Angelica placed her hand between Ana's breasts and pushed downward while she pulled her head backward slowly, allowing Ana's breast to slide from her mouth, catching Ana's nipple between her teeth. Angelica licked the tip of her rosy mound before releasing her.

Anastasia moaned and raised her legs, resting her ankles on Giovanna's back, as she bent in and lightly brushed the swollen clit with her tongue. Anastasia gasped and squeezed her legs against Giovanna's shoulders. Still an inch or so away from Ana's sex, Giovanna flicked her tongue back and forth, the tip sliding over and around the now throbbing clitoris, then down and around her wet inner lips, bringing forth another series of gasps and moans.

Moving closer, Giovanna let her mouth cover Anastasia's clit and pressed her tongue against the hardened knob. Feeling it twitch beneath her hot tongue. Grabbing Anastasia's ass cheeks in her hands, she lifted Ana's hips up slightly and let her tongue drop down to circle the outside edge of her vagina. She could taste her hot juices, and Ana tightened her legs around Giovanna's head.

Moaning and rocking her hips back and forth, Anastasia had released Giovanna's hair and now clenched her fists in handfuls of satin sheets as her passion mounted, even coming up off the bed, knocking Angelica off her chest and nearly sitting up.

Without warning, Giovanna thrust her tongue between Anastasia's pussy lips, deep inside her hot hole, and Anastasia cried out in surprise and delight, nearly ripping the sheet apart as she threw herself back onto the bed.

Her mouth locked against Ana's pussy; Giovanna let her tongue thrust in and out and rotate around the outside of her vagina, occasionally brushing her clitoris. As her own excitement mounted, Giovanna herself became more aroused, and she slid her hand between her own legs, stroking herself with the same fury she used on Ana as she literally attacked Anastasia's clit with her hot tongue. Pressing harder and circling the hardened nub more rapidly. Anastasia's hips rocked beneath Giovanna's expert ministrations.

Her breath coming in ragged gasps, Giovanna pressed her face against Anastasia, her tongue a whirlwind over and around Ana's clit. Anastasia's body suddenly went rigid. Her thighs becoming a vise against the sides of the other woman's head, and then she exploded.

With a scream, her body began shaking, and her climax rocked them both as the pent-up anger and stress of constantly cleaning up her brother's mistakes burst loose in a frenzied orgasm. Giovanna thrust her fingers in and out of her own pussy and kept her mouth locked over Ana's quivering slit, her tongue continuing to abuse Ana's clit as she rocked back and forth as wave after wave of ecstasy broke over her. Anastasia's body trembled, then tensed as yet another orgasm washed over her, and she finally had to push Giovanna's head away, as she could not take any more of the intense pleasure.

Gasping and panting, she squeezed her legs against the other woman's head one more time before finally relaxing and releasing her near stranglehold on her. Giovanna slowly lowered her head and lightly kissed Ana's sweaty inner thighs, then blew cool air onto her overheated pussy and clitoris.

Anastasia smiled and sighed, then allowed her arms to fall to the bed. When she tried to lift them again, she was once more unable to move. She watched helplessly as first one woman then the other dragged her tongue up her body, ending just below her jawline. Closing her eyes, she pursed her lips, her face tilted upwards. After waiting a few seconds to feel the pressure of a mouth against hers, Anastasia opened her eyes and found that she could once more move, and she was alone.

She looked around the room and noticed a strip of daylight spilling in between the drawn curtains. With a contented sigh, she decided that she has just experienced the best fantasy of her life, then rolled over in the bed and fell back asleep.


Several hours later, Anastasia awoke to find the room around her cast in darkness, broken only by a small flickering point of light hovering a few feet off the floor. When her eyes adjusted to the pulsing light, she discovered it came from a tall candle formed of red wax, which stood on a table across the room. Focusing on the candle, she watched as a drop of wax well up and slowly flowed over the edge, sliding down the length of the taper like oozing blood. She suddenly sat up in bed with the realization that there hadn't been a candle on the table when she went to sleep.

Quickly she climbed from bed and rushed across the room to flick on a light. She turned and glanced around and then noticed that she hadn't tripped getting to the light switch. Ana looked at the door and gasped when she saw that the small gilt chair she had wedged under the doorknob was no longer there. Now, even more disturbed, she searched the room for any other signs of intrusion.

When Ana entered the closet, she saw that the chair she had wedged under the doorknob, positioned before the vanity once again. 'I must have dreamt putting the chair beneath the knob,' she thought, but as she turned to leave the closet noticed there was now a wooden valet standing in the middle of the dressing area. Hanging there on the padded hanger was a simply styled gown made of lightweight amethyst silk. Pinned to the hanger, centered over the dress's plunging neckline, was a folded sheet of parchment. Seeing the dress and remembering the candle, Ana decided a servant must have come in while she slept to deliver the dress, and not wanting her to awaken in complete darkness, they had left a candle burning. That determined, she removed the paper and opened it to read a message written with crimson ink in flowing calligraphy.


Please do me the honor of wearing this gown when you join me for dinner.


There, on a shelf next to the valet, were three different-sized velvet boxes. Ana opened the first and largest of them and found nestled in silver tissue paper a pair of high-heeled slipper-like shoes with satin ribbons, all dyed to match the dress. Removing one of the shoes from the box, she flipped it over, enjoying the way the smooth ribbon caressed her skin like cool water and discovered they were her size.

She put the shoe back into the box, then lifted the lid off the next box and gasped at the creations of satin and lace she found within. Stroking her fingertips over the silky fabric, she moaned with pleasure at the sensual shiver that ran up her spine. Pulling the lingerie from the box one item at a time, Ana "Oohed" and "Ahhed" each piece as it was taken out. First, she removed a black satin corset with an amethyst lace covering; the ribbon stays matching the ribbons on the elegant shoes. She held the corset up to herself to judge the size and noticed a deep 'V' down the middle that would match up with the plunging neckline in the gown. From the hem on both the front and back dangled four garters. Laying it aside, Ana lifted out a tiny pair of hip-hugging, lacey panties, and a pair of lace-edged thigh-high stockings. Gently returning the lingerie to the velvet box, Ana thought to herself, 'Someone definitely thought of everything.'

She looked at the third and final box and wondered what could possibly be contained in such a thin box, then picked it up and was surprised by its hefty weight. Depressing the small silver button, she unsnapped the hinged lid and allowed the box to open. Contained within, laying on a bed of black velvet and secured in place with small tabs, was a pair of earrings and a necklace. The earrings consisted of six pieces of thin silver chain, varying in length from an inch and a half to three inches. Each strand ended in a small, half-inch teardrop-shaped amethyst. Lifting an earring out of the box, Ana was delightfully surprised to find that it didn't seem to be as heavy as it appeared. Replacing the earring, she turned her attention to the necklace. Overall, it was a very simple piece of jewelry, a single strand of silver chain that would circle her neck, resting just atop the collarbones. This would create a "V," which started at what would be either side of her neck and, having the longest portion centered in the valley between her breasts, were many lengths of silver chains. The lengths of the chain started at an inch and became progressively longer until the point, which measured five inches long. Every third chain was studded with small amethysts down the entire length and ended in a half-inch teardrop-shaped stone. Also included in the box were two amethyst studded bangles, which looked like the bracelet portion of a pair of handcuffs, all the way to the patented latching mechanism.

Ana gently closed the jewelry box, returned it to the shelf, and then left the closet. She thought that Gabriel either had great taste in women's clothes and jewelry or perhaps he hired a very good personal shopper to work for him. Walking back over to the bed, she picked up the small alarm clock from a bedside table and saw that it was 8:15, meaning she only had forty-five minutes to get ready for dinner. She went back into the closet and softly caressed the dress fabric. "Well, the least I can do for Gabriel after all his hospitality is to wear this dress for him."

To Be Continued…


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